Dating in your 50s

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They literally have very little in common and life experiences that are completely different.

People are different, do not settle for a box, you are unique.

This is a good place to help your career and your social life.

Check you local Meetup for events that connect singles.

Don’t waste too much time chatting, after a few emails plan to meet for coffee or a drink (drive yourself and meet at a public place.) You will learn more in 5 minutes in person than you will in 5 months texting!It makes absolutely no sense, people are too different.One 30 year old is finishing their advanced degree and another has 3 kids under 5.Even if you do not, chances are that your potential dates may have children which make dating at this time particularly challenging.When you are dating you should not let them meet your children until you are sure that this is a serious relationship.

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