Dating insecure man dating 101 jessica drake

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In a balanced and healthy relationship, both the guy and the gal never lose their independent identity.When a woman is insecure, she will feel threatened if you find any happiness outside your relationship life.It’s important you understand the signs of insecure women.

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She will have no trouble searching through your phone without your permission or hacking into your computer to read your emails.Is this really the type of gal you want in your life romantically? All she’s doing is trying to make herself feel better about who she is, but it’s really a means to an end.This tactic is a subconscious attack on your self-worth.Often, insecure women play the victim and try to get the guy to feel bad.This type of woman is worried about being traded in for a new model because she has low self-esteem and doesn’t deem herself worthy of you, although she will never admit that to your face in a zillion years.

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