Dating is a search problem solve it with google romance

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Moreover, Google promised that the Ti SP has 24 hour, on site technical support in case of backup problems, brownouts, & data wipes.Another elaborate prank was on April Fool’s of 2006.Here are the best Google doodles from 2001 to 2011.The Google doodle for Valentines day of 2011 is inspired by Robert Indiana’s renowned LOVE sculpture.

They are often seen on special holidays and or for memorable events.We know what to expect of Google already: a search bar to enter the necessary keywords and then in a single click, relevant results are returned.The site is simple and minimal, so it can get ho-hum every once in a while, until Google doodles were born.Soon doodles started to commemorate lesser known events such as: ‘Pi’ day, Hans Christensen’s birthday, the anniversary of Sesame Street, and even the invention of the barcode. Every April Fool’s Day, Google makes hoaxes and pranks that are sometimes silly, sometimes absurd, and always hilarious.One prank in 2007 was the introduction of the Google Ti SP, which is a wireless router that runs through the toilets.

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