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While trying to study a culture it is difficult to know if one is fetishizing that culture, or innocently developing a curiosity in that culture. Coming from a small rural town in central Australia, I had virtually 0 exposure to East Asian men in my childhood and youth, and this potentially sowed the seeds for fetishism/my fixation on East Asian stereotypes.

Thinking back on my experiences dating Korean men in my earlier years in Seoul, it is hard to know if I was exploiting these individuals, as a way to get closer to Korean culture. Naturally, all foreign girls have impossible standards that they expect normal, everyday Korean men to meet, as the internet is saturated with smooth, perfectly manicured and highly stylized Korean boys from K dramas and Kpop videos.

While trying to study a culture it is difficult to know if one is fetishizing that culture, or innocently developing a curiosity in that culture.

Mulan somehow managed to sexualize the legend of the Chinese heroine Hua Mulan, and presented Chinese and Mongolian men as physically superior, sword skilled, dark-maned horse riding warriors.

When I first arrived in Korea I targeted the Korean boys who spoke the least amount of English.

This was partly because I wanted to improve my Korean language skills, but the bigger part was that I wanted to project my (heavily stereotyped) image of an East Asian man (ie high-kicking, Kpop dancing, cosmetic wearing vampires) onto these individuals.

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It occurred to me only recently, that while my original interest in East Asian culture was sincere on the surface (as I tried to approach my consumption of Korean culture in a highly systematic manner) I have now come to think that my cultural interest was also highly fetishist and perhaps an objectification of young Korean men. Can any real Korean man be as blissfully polished as any member of EXO or BEAST?Two people express themselves according to the languages they use to communicate, their hand gestures, the activities they enjoy, and the food they consume together; all of which is shaped by the culture they were raised in.As my interest in Kpop started to wane due to over-exposure in Korea, I realized that my fixation on Korean men also started to wane, which made me ponder whether perhaps I had been interacting with Korean men not primarily based on their individual personalities, but due to their dark hair, dark eyes, smooth olive skin, and perceived Mongolian archery talents.It is more than likely that actual members of the Yakuza and Korean mafia are overweight, scarred, and unwashed in real life, but in the cinema East Asian gangsters are provocative, dangerous, intimidating, badass.Bruce Lee perhaps laid the groundwork for the stereotype of East Asian men possessing extreme proficiency in martial arts.

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