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This temporal use of εἰς τέλος is also implied by the parallel structures of v. 16c; that is, a temporal “always” calls for a temporal “at last.” The alternative translation “uttermost” or “forever”/ "fully" is lexically possible and would indicate the translators assumption that the wrath Paul is speaking about here is an eschatological event not a temporal one.The resultant meaning being that wrath had accrued to the Jews in anticipation of the end, when God’s judgement will fall on all who persist in disobedience.If 1 Thessalonians does indeed refer to the destruction of 70 CE, this need only mean that one verse, or perhaps a few verses, date from this period, not necessarily the epistle as a whole.The first criteria I use to test the reliability of a witness is simply this: was the alleged “eyewitness” really present when the crime occurred?But no gospel account records the destruction of the temple.In fact, no New Testament document mentions it at all, even though there are many occasions when a description of the temple’s destruction might have assisted in establishing a theological or historical point.Mark (according to the first century bishop, Papias) chronicled the eyewitness account of the Apostle Peter, and Luke recorded his own investigation of the eyewitnesses. Could they have been written by people who were actually present during the life and ministry of Jesus?The evidence indicates the Gospels are, indeed, early enough to have been written by eyewitnesses.

However he could have been referring to several events: 1) He could have had reference to the fall of Jerusalem,67 the expulsion of Jews from Rome by Claudius (Acts 18:2), 2) the famine of A. If the sentence is translated assuming a terrible event had befallen the Jews, then “at last” is appropriate.Paul Quoted Luke’s Gospel in His Letter to Timothy Paul appeared to be aware of Luke’s gospel and wrote as though it was common knowledge in about AD 63–64, when Paul penned his first letter to Timothy.Note the following passage: The elders who rule well are to be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who work hard at preaching and teaching.The New Testament Fails to Describe the Siege of Jerusalem Even before the temple was destroyed, the city of Jerusalem was under assault.No aspect of this three-year siege is described in any New Testament document, in spite of the fact that the gospel writers could certainly have pointed to the anguish that resulted from the siege as a powerful point of reference for the many passages of Scripture that extensively address the issue of suffering.

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