Dating long distance and first visit thandie newton dating

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Wake her up by kissing her and telling her something sweet (followed by a sweet love making session – to warm up your bodies) You could be creative about it.

But make sure to offer her a pleasant experience when she wakes up.

This episode, Mattias and I discuss 7 things that anyone in a long distance relationship should consider before meeting for the first time.

You can check the video out below, or keep scrolling to skim through our 7 tips.

BUT, read this carefully – the point is not to visit her without notice, I know this may might sound a bit weird, but planning ahead some of the activities that you’ll be doing together, will save you a lot of worries and give you that feeling of control over things.

Once I made a list of around 40 things I wanted to do and even arranged them day by day. In that moment I thought that she’ll be so turned off, but NO, she even liked it and told me that she couldn’t wait for us to do those things together.

It could be different cities, different venues, or as simple as visiting different friends at their places, or relatives etc.

The point is to move around and do different activities.

Even though at the moment of filming those clips you won’t feel like they have any value…Believe me, after a few months they will be priceless!

Another variation is to keep a shared list of ““, which would make you and her infinitely more excited to meet each other and actually do those fun things together. Even though you might think that “…think about the places you want to do it, the accessories you might wanna need, the games you might wanna play, the way you’re going to get horny, the foreplay etc.

And please, read a book or two on how to be a better lover, and how to satisfy women, don’t just rely on your natural education and instincts Satisfying a woman is a science more than an art, and there are people who dedicated their lives to studying this field. It will pay off in the long run, I can guarantee you that.

childhood memories, future plans, passions, some communication games to play like “I have never, ever”, “Truth or dare”, “Hypothetical questions” etc.

Make sure that you’ll have a private place to spend your passionate moments together.

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