Dating native american woman

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Seldom were they sick from child-birth or suffered from any inconveniences caused by the pregnancy.

Many other European observers also described solitary, painless births of the Native Americans, but as most of these observers were men who rarely witnessed the birth of children, this information can be inaccurate.

When pregnant, Indian women were known to stick to special diet and restrict their activities and behavior not to harm the baby.

For example, people of Cherokee practiced a special ritual which was to frighten the child out of the mothers womb.

Currently we can see that some midwives try to bring traditions of natural home birth.

Midwife Lauren Slak offers holistic approach to home birth Orange county.

A female relative of the mother would say special words that were supposed to scare the baby and make him be born sooner.

According to Van der Donck, Mahican women would drink concoction made of root bark shortly before labor began.

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