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(Website author's note: "considerations" would include manufacturing based diagnostic features - a primary goal of this website - and/or local research in to the user of the bottle, if that fact is known via embossing or labeling.) If the period of use of the mark was short, the age of the bottle may be pinpointed to a short period of time.

In some instances, lucky for the collector but unlucky for the user of the mark, the period may be reduced to one or two years.

This important website section is devoted largely to the published articles of the Bottle Research Group (BRG) members - past, present..future (more below) - on most major bottle producers in the U. and a few Canadian, Mexican and English of charge!

The NAMBC is often called "The Milk Route", which was an early name for the organization, and is currently the name of the NAMBC's monthly newsletter. Mark (Again) - Bill Lockhart (Issue #290:2; December 2004) Milk Bottle Production at the Knox Glass Bottle Co.

Liberty Glass, Lamb Glass, and updates - Bill Lockhart (Issue #287:1-3; September 2004) The L. - Bill Lockhart, Pete Schulz, Carol Serr and Bill Lindsey (Issue #335:1-4; September 2008) The Du Bois Glass Co.

This work will be a massive treatise on American glass container manufacturers from the late 18th century to the present day.

These new/revised articles are noted below followed by the publishing date.

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