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Telling your mugu that he/she is busted will accomplish absolutely nothing but teaching them how to be better at scamming/victimizing, as well as cause other victims unnecessary duress. Army, I've learned a thing or two about the American military culture.

Unless this is what you hope to cause, do NOT confront them! One of those things is that deployed soldiers are happier and do their jobs better when they're able to communicate with friends and family.

We were also ENCOURAGED to use our official Army e-mail accounts to contact our friends and families.

A soldier can get into for not setting up and maintaining his official e-mail account. Finally, there is NEVER a security reason for not using these accounts. If a soldier has an internet connection, he has access to and free use of his Army e-mail account. A scammer can tell you his fake military e-mail address and he may even be able to create and send an e-mail that appears to be coming from an official military e-mail account.

Unless this is what you hope to cause, do NOT confront them!

Now that we've entered the digital age, the Army has become even better at keeping soldiers in touch with loved ones.Many of them will tell you their official sounding e-mail address but never write to you from it.I have a question *raises hand* is there ANY way at all that either of these offical army email addresses can be forged?An Army civilian employee or contractor would have an e-mail address like this: [email protected] Bottom line - don't automatically assume that you're talking to a scammer if his e-mail address looks like one of those listed above.Be warned though - unless you can send to and receive from one of these official e-mail addresses, you're probably talking to a scammer.

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