Dating someone less intelligent than you

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2016-11-07 I [25m] just ended a year-long sexual dry spell - but I couldn't get an erection until I thought about the girl I love [26f], who happens to be dating my best guy friend [25m].

2019-01-28 Other than breaking up, how do you (or did you personally) deal with a partner who frequently “nags” you like they’re a parent?

2019-02-20 AITA for expressing hesitation to marry my girlfriend (who I love) so she can stay in the country?

This article was co-authored by Trudi Griffin, LPC.

I want to reinvent myself into a better person and bury the past.

She says she doesn't trust me being around that stuff "because I'm a guy"... 2018-04-18 What's something that women tend to think only women experience, that men experience too?

2018-04-23 If you find yourself in a relationship where your partner develops codependency issues, what can you do to help them become less codependent?

2016-12-28 Anybody else think we'd be way better off with an "opt-out" system for paying for planned parenthood?

Those against the program can choose not to pay taxes towards it, but then can't use it if needed...ending much of the debate.

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