Dating someone out of my league

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She is in your league, but you’re looking at her as being too good for you.In other cases, a woman is going to be out of your league when you’re not yet at the level where you can handle interactions with her.

It works for women because most guys out there look at a woman as being out of their league if they see her as being pretty.

If you then get into a relationship with her and she falls in love with you, then you are going to be her new type.

She loves you and everything about you, even though she previously didn’t think that she was interested in guys who looked like you do. If you want an unattractive woman for a girlfriend, then she’s usually not going to put you through confidence tests.

Yet, in other cases, a woman will see you as being in her league (i.e.

you are good enough for her, or you might even be too good for her) and she will like you and will want to be with you, but she will put on an act as though she is better than you, more valuable than you and you would need to do a lot to impress her.

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