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Spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: Rupert Colville Date: 7 June 2019Location: Geneva Subject: (1) Libya(1) Libya We are deeply concerned about the ghastly conditions in which migrants and refugees are being held in detention in Libya – with some 22 having died of tuberculosis and other illnesses in the Zintan detention facility since September 2018 – as well as ongoing reports of disappearances and human trafficking after people were intercepted at sea by the Libyan Coast Guard.

Those held in the facilities reportedly receive only one meal of 200 grams of plain pasta per day.We appeal to the authorities in Libya and the international community to ensure that migrants and refugees held in such detention facilities are immediately released, that evacuation, resettlement and voluntary humanitarian return options urgently expanded, and alternatives to detention are developed.At least 40 people are estimated to have drowned off the coast of Libya in the latest boat disaster on the Mediterranean.There are frequent shortages of water and food; over-crowding is endemic; detainees can experience physical mistreatment and torture; forced labour and slavery are rife; and there is a stark absence of oversight and regulation.Nevertheless, Italy and the European Union continue to strike controversial migration control deals with various actors in Libya aimed at reducing flows across the Mediterranean.

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