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Dr Kev suggested the 36th Anniversary PAF Bridge (DP223) and that sounds like a good advice. I'll have a check on the Bluesbucker on youtube for the sound and you are right nothing wrong with Duncans, they sound great, I have them 335 thin line guitar as well. I've managed to find out were the springs go, frankly removing the pick guard made sense too :-).

But changing everything back to original or similar, is going to be a bit of an investment.

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…Dome Style SWITCH TIP: Black ELECTRONICS BRIDGE PICKUP: Direct Mount Di Marzio® CB 6 NECK PICKUP: Direct Mount Di Marzio® CB 6 CONTROLS: Volume, Tone PICKUP SWITCHING: 3-Position Toggle: Position 1. In that spirit of inventiveness, Steve worked with Di Marzio to design two Special Edition pickup covers for the Gravity Storm™ pickups.

The Super Distortion® (and its original 3-conductor version, the Dual Sound®) was the first pickup specifically designed to kick a… The neck pickup is a bit louder and fatter-sounding than the PAF Pro® pickups that Steve used on his earliest Jems.

…Patent Applied For humbucker) and create pickups that combine all of the characteristics of great vintage humbuckers. We re-engineered the PAF® using our patented technology and Larry Di Marzio’s own 1959 cherry sunburst Gibson® Les Paul®… The bridge pickup is not as hot as the Evolution®, but it’s got a warm and… Replacement pickups simply didn’t exist before the invention of the Super Distortion® in the early Seventies.

Di Marzio do not make the Virtual PAF (DP197) any more, their website says the 36th Anniversary PAF Bridge (DP223) is the closest match. The PAF Master is relatively new Di Marzio pickup and would also be a good choice, but would have less bass than the 36th anni.

The PAF Pro will be both brighter and louder than those choices.

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