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These are not gem quality jewels, no one would take them out of a watch and try to sell them as jewelry, they are more industrial type jewels because the ruby, sapphire, and diamond are so hard, they make very good bearings because they don’t wear.: I bring them in for a good cleaning so they can run.The other parts of the watch are nice, I really enjoy a finely made case and a fancy dial, but to be honest it really is the mechanisms or what we call the movements of the watch that inspire me.If you look on my watch pages you’ll see that I always include the movements of the watch. I love holding a little piece of history in my hands.I joined the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, the NAWCC, and they had regular meetings where you could meet with other collectors and buy, sell, and trade with them.I have a friend who has a watch shop, and he does that for me.I do minor repair work, I’ve replaced broken glass crystals on occasion, but for the most part I try not to fiddle with them too much.

Even the later Walthams made in the 1940s, 1950s, at that point they were really cutting the corners and they just don’t appeal to me.

Gold watches are appealing to collectors but the value really has to do with what was appropriate to the watch at the time.

If the particular watch was only ever offered in a nickel case, then putting it in a gold case isn’t necessarily going to make it a better watch. Sometimes it involved actually using two different colors or types of metal so you got a two-tone effect.

So I’d sell those to help me buy another one I wanted.

If I saw a better watch, I’d buy that watch and try to sell the lesser examples of it.

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