Dating your roommate

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The first thing to consider is how your roommate would feel about the situation.

Is this someone they really cared about, or that they likely still have feelings for?

“You don’t want to make your roommate feel awkward or uncomfortable in their own home.

You would likely also want to limit the PDA unless of course your roommate is again, 100 percent unaffected by it,” says Leckie.

“Take your heart out and put your head in and consider if this is an emotional or sexual impulse or desire (heart), or is it that you two could truly be a good enduring fit with aligned values, lifestyles, and priorities (head)?

But here's the thing: Sometimes, the heart doesn't make sense and it just wants what it wants.

But as with every rule, there’s always an exception.

If it’s blatantly obvious that sparks are flying faster than a Katie Hopkins insult on Twitter, the ‘forbidden fruit’ of dating might be worth a bite. ONLY TAKE THE RISK IF YOU THINK IT’S WORTH IT If one of you is ready to shop for matching sets of Le Creuset while the other had some inconsequential post-cocktail bonking in mind, it’s going to end in tears.

Leckie says that if you think it's worth it, you should "Do whatever you need to do.

You've bonded over the cleaning rota and stared adoringly at each other while dividing up the council tax. ‘Never have sex with someone you live with,’ a friend warned, as I pondered the loveliness of my new housemate’s swirly green eyes. Nobody wants to wake up in a hungover, post-coital haze to find their previous night’s mistake clipping nose hair in the communal bathroom.

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