Datingmevevru ru signs you may be dating an alcoholic

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We've had other issues the last little while and the fact that our daily conversations are exactly the same day in and day out says something to me. Have been with my boyfriend for 5 years now, lived together for over 4 years.

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The rest of the 90% is "hanging out", chilling, doing chores, playing games, having sex, taking care of responsibilities, and personal time. It doesn't say to me that your relationship is necessarily in the dumps.As I was reading I kept thinking "I wonder what my wife will think of this." We're planning to do the husband/wife book club regularly in the future I've been married for almost 18 years. I still learn things about him (and vice versa) that I had never heard. When we get quiet, it's generally because one or both of us is depressed or upset about something else.10 years together and we are the same.We talk about everything from TV shows to what happened at work to crazy random what-ifs. If nothing interesting has happened at work, we always find things to talk about, like the things I've seen on reddit or the documentaries he's seen on You Tube We are rarely quiet I feel like it's a problem.However, it's also been a sign of deeper problems.I broke up with a guy because I realized I had nothing left to say to him anymore...because I already knew what he'd say back and I thought he was pretty boring!

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