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The event was attended by top officials from Ministries of Education, Social Solidarity, Youth & Sports and Agriculture whose efforts were significant to help this project come to life.

"Our Children's Healthy Habits" aims to improve the lives of children and mothers from upper Egypt by providing nutrition education, supporting the adoption of regular physical activity, and helping to provide access fresh foods through school gardening and experimental kitchens.

The dive centres have set up funding pages to help their staff and their families.

Funding pages: Blue Marlin Dive Central Trawangan Dive and Manta Dive

This is #Snacking Made Right - the right snack, for the right moment, made the right way.

Most of the local workers on Gili T come from the nearby island of Lombok which was the epicentre of the quake.

Nearly 250 are reported to have been killed on Lombok, at least 120,000 are homeless and houses and businesses have been extensively destroyed in the northern part of the island.

When children have access to nutrition knowledge they are empowered to make more mindful food choices which can #impact learning readiness, academic achievement, and decrease discipline and emotional problems.

#Snacking Made Right #Youth Day We’re super excited to announce the 6 finalists in our #Futureof Snacking pitch competition.

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