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But women, despite the lip service they give to romance, are sometimes just as guilty as men in neglecting it.

(It may be true that your brothers and sisters are "useless", but that's only because no one has ever demanded that they be useful). Remember the way things used to be and figure out how to get back there. Inject some flirtaciousness into your conversations. And always remember that a marriage is, or should be, more than a household partnership, more than just an efficient system for raising kids, paying bills, and fulfilling obligations to the rest of the world.

With all this on their plate, how can women possibly make room for romance?

My answer is simple: take some things off the plate. No, I'm not advocating child neglect, but you don't necessarily have to be micromanaging every aspect of your kids' lives.

"Whatever you do, don't let life get in the way of romance".(Kara Oh, relationship author and dating coach: don't call Kara Oh the "Heart Specialist" for nothing.

For years, she's been urging her readers---male and female, married and single---to put romance at the center of their relationships, and keep it there.

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