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The show is approximately 85 minutes long * Intro * Smackdown to Three Hours? The guys will discuss the possibility of Smackdown going to three hours, thoughts on Scarlett’s Debut & Allie’s Death on Impact, and then break down Wrestle Mania 35. "I dare you to sit on Finch' s lap for the rest of the game! "Would you rather never kiss a goil, or live in Brooklyn? " Jack incoherently muttered curses, an pulled shirt. The girl who was inserted in the question went red, but nonetheless everyone saw her eyeing Jack's bare chest with interest."Finch, truth or dare? "I guess dare." Jack maniacally grinned, "I dare you to put ketchup, coffee, pickles, and Tabasco in the blender, and drink it! Keys sat back down on him, an the game proceeded The next 15 rounds consisted of jumping, backflips, reciting, singing, and a whole lot of laughing."Katherine, truth or dare? Austin then hits a head scissors and spin kick for 2. MJF sneaks in and pins Yuta, Horus, and Brazil for eliminations. They brawl right away, and Pillman superkicks MJF over the top for the elimination. He sets Hart up top, they battle and Hart knocks him off and hits two destroyers for the win. – MLW Middleweight Title Match: Champion Teddy Hart defeated Ace Austin @ via pin [***] – Minoru Tanaka defeated Myron Reed @ via pin [**½] – MLW Title NYC Street Fight: Champion Tom Lawlor defeated Jimmy Havoc @ via pin [***] – Battle Riot: LA PARK won @ [***] : Austin refuses the handshake, they push and shove and then trade strikes.

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Lawlor sets a door in the corner, but Havoc knocks him to the floor. Champion Tom Lawlor defeated Jimmy Havoc @ via pin [***] : MJF and Dan Severn start us off. Severn catches him with a German, and then a clothesline. He lays in kicks on Wolf, hits a suplex and MJF cuts him off. They shake hands and Severn starts throwing MJF around. Tanaka and Severn trade strikes and #6 is Jordan Oliver. He runs wild with chops and kicks, and comes face to face with Fenix. For a full 3 minutes." Katherine was flabbergasted, but without further ado, walked over, and kissed the boy firmly on the lips. "I try."Turns out, the game got a lot less interesting after the whole Jack Katherine thing.

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