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They are capable of using the cache mechanisms efficiently and allow error-free behavior during offline periods.Web Storage is a W3C standard API that enables key-value storage in modern browsers.Progressive web apps are designed to work on any browser that is compliant with web standards.As with other cross-platform solutions, the goal is to help developers build cross-platform apps more easily than they would with native apps.This can improve loading time, by providing an initial static frame, a layout or architecture into which content can be loaded progressively as well as dynamically.This metadata is crucial for an app to be added to a home screen or otherwise listed alongside native apps.Technically, service workers provide a scriptable network proxy in the web browser to manage the web/HTTP requests programmatically.The service workers lie between the network and device to supply the content.

Service workers go through a three-step lifecycle of Registration, Installation and Activation.

A service worker is a Java Script file that operates as a type of web worker.

They work separately from the main browser thread to handle push notifications, synchronize data in the background, cache or retrieve resource requests, intercept network requests and receive centralized updates.

In this model, service workers store the Basic User Interface or "shell" of the responsive web design web application in the browser's offline cache.

This model allows for PWAs to maintain native-like use with or without web connectivity.

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