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They were all created at very different times and all Tweeted/liked different things at different times.I checked a few other clusters and obtained similar results.This network of accounts seems quite benign, but in theory, it could be quickly repurposed for other tasks including “Twitter marketing” (paid services to pad an account’s followers or engagement), or to amplify specific messages.If you’re interested, I’ve saved a list of both screen_name and id_str for each discovered account here.

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I modified a python script to generate this – far better than using one of those “free” collage making tools available on the Internets. For the most part, it seems they’re simply trying to advertise the “adult dating” sites linked in the account profiles.

They do this by liking, retweeting, and following random Twitter accounts at random times, fishing for clicks.

Using a VPN to change the browser’s exit node, he noticed that the landing pages varied slightly by region.

In Finland, the links ended up on a site called “Dirty Tinder”.

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