Divorce rate internet dating

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This may be because it charges for use, and attracts only people who are serious about settling down.

Normally, meeting offline does not weed down the population to only people who are ready to settle down.

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Now, more 40 million Americans are regularly on dating apps. And, perhaps the biggest itch in people’s curiosity: How does online dating affect marriages and, therefore, divorce?

At this point, it’s easy to disregard the link between online dating and falling divorce rates as a baseless correlation.

But the paper’s findings actually support the findings of other studies, which show that married couples who met online are slightly more satisfied with their marriages than those that first met offline.

Taking into account factors such as income, age, and educational level, the results narrowed a bit, but there remained a statistically significant difference between people meeting online and offline.

There remains a question as to whether meeting online or offline was the determinative factor of success in the relationship, however.

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