Dnangel dating game

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His clothing is designed by Emiko Niwa, who ensures each one is unique and practical.

His shirts, trousers, shoes, and optional capes and gloves are always black, though they may have silver or white accents.

It has happened to all of the men in Daisuke's family.

Handling a rejection on your birthday is hard enough, but because of a certain DNA reaction, he turns into the legendary Phantom Thief, Dark every time he thinks of his love!

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As a result, half of Black Wings attached itself to the Niwa genes in the form of Dark's curse.

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In the anime, Dark is more silent, rarely talking to Daisuke internally except to warn him of dangers or tease the boy.

Dark looks like a seventeen year old with long, violet hair, including bangs that cover a small portion of the center of his face.

His eye are either purple or red, depending on the illustration.

Flirting with women is fun for him and he is not embarrassed when tackled by them or kissing them.

Dark is often impatient and very expressive, speaking loudly and bluntly or showing his emotions on his face.

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