Drake bell dating ashley tisdale

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And it's 100 percent her: alongside producer John Feldmann, Tisdale wrote the album's nine songs, forging a creative partnership that allowed her to reveal her most vulnerable self yet.Voices in My Head," which you can stream below, carries an almost quiet grace. In acting, I'm playing different characters, so it's not really me as a person.Over a simple, catchy guitar lick that morphs into a spare electro-infused beat, Tisdale acknowledges the voices that threaten to "fuck me up and change me" when she buries her feelings. You know, it's so different from any of the other experiences I've had in music. I'm producing other peoples' visions; but this album is who I am, and I think it's very scary at the same time because you're being so vulnerable and that's really hard. Can you give me an overview of some of the bigger themes you're tackling on this record?She sings with serene acceptance about the voices as lies to you and me, making her experience universal. In the past, for me, when it came to — even in TV and movies — I've always been like, "Oh my gosh! " And I honestly have no fear, I don't even really, honestly, care. It's the most authentic thing I have ever done in my career. I think this is the first time my fans and people are even going to know who I am as a person. Since it's been so long since I have done music, I always said I was not going to do music just to put something out there. I definitely have gone through things over the last couple of years, and even have become more aware of things that I go through.It's okay to just be okay, and to know that it's okay that you might have depression or you might go through depressive periods. If you listen to the album, a lot of it is taking you through symptoms of anxiety and depression.There's actually a single called "Symptoms," and then there's a song called "Insomnia." We kind of flip it. When I was creating it, that's all I could do for the record.You could tell from the squinty-eyed celebutante pout she perfected that she could care less about the public's judgement.During both major-label efforts, Tisdale's winning personality never dimmed, even when leaning into the tumultuous experiences of her teenage fanbase with life, liberty, and the pursuit of individuality.

But even off screen, Tisdale was fiercely individual on the streets and red carpet, wearing boas, UGGs, and no shortage of tulle and beads.

It's the calm therapy session we all need right now. The album really takes you through a journey of what I've gone through. It was all really weird how this happened, but John Feldmann, who is a really good friend of mine who produces the 5 Seconds of Summer records and blink-182 and all the way back to Hilary Duff, back in the day...

he came to me and was like, "We just created Big Noise and we want to sign you." And I was like, "Oh that's so crazy.

It's not really about that specific thing, so it's very relatable. Creatively and artistically that's what it calls for. , and how that album was sort of an angsty, rock-inspired record.

You're going to turn it on, and you're going to have fun, and you're not going to dwell in what you might be going through. Assuming that were true, how do you feel about that, having invented pop-punk angst? I think I only played the first couple of notes of what I had learned on a guitar, ever. Kids have that ability to not care so much until the world makes them insecure.

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