Dream interpretation dating celebrity sandra lee dating new york mayor

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If you get stuck on how to interpret the meaning of a celebrity’s presence, the technique of using three adjectives to describe them works just as well with the famous as with the ordinary.Though we may be loathe to admit it, many of us devote a lot of our brain space to thinking about celebrities — which naturally means that dreams about celebrities are a regular element of many of our nocturnal lives.

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Rather, a dream appearance by a celebrity is often packed with symbolism.In a process identical to working with a character aspect of someone at the pedestrian level, a celebrity’s fame elevates the significance of the meaning you assign to them.Your unconscious is using the notoriety associated with their public visibility to get your attention.It is, in effect, providing you with an image that has a chance of making the dream memorable upon waking so that you might more readily take notice of the guidance available to you in the dream. Most dreamers assume this is so because of how attractive most of them are.Additionally, what they do puts them in a position to carry the sexual fantasies of their public.

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