Dreamweaver cs4 template not updating

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If you’ve never used Dreamweaver before, see Chapter 1 for a welcome and the grand tour.

If you’re upgrading from Dreamweaver CS3 or some other version, you’ll find that Dreamweaver CS4 offers a host of new features.

This morning I sat down to see if I could fix this.

Do you know if there is a way I can "force" the changes as soon as I make a change on the template so that it updates the pages I have created from it manually?

Hi All, I am a beginner with DW CS4 - and I really would appreciate some help! After this I created a number of pages from the template, which worked very well. Tested another change on the template and "updated". I haven't uploaded anything or so, only working on it on the computer...

Then I decided that instead of the simple text menu on the template, I should try make a spry-menu. How can I update the pages so that they all get the nicer spry-menu? Now, the change I did this morning did NOT show, but all of a sudden the menu now shows!!

In the template-based page, the template user usually controls whether the content is displayed.

If you understand only HTML, don’t worry—XHTML isn’t a revolutionary new language that takes years to learn.

Finally I managed to design it as I wanted on the template and saved.... I don't think I have created any external CSS style sheets...

thinking that all the pages based on the menu would now change to have the menu.

For example, you can “lock” which image appears in the document but let the template user set the alignment to left, right, or center.

To know how to work with repeating regions, see Create repeating regions and tables in Dreamweaver.

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