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Quito and Cuenca both have a symphony and ballet and attract artists from around the world.And though Ecuador is only about the size of Arizona, it has a varied topography ranging from snow-capped mountain peaks to rain forests to beaches (and flights that can whisk you from one area to another in a couple of hours).In most of the country—with the exception of parts of Quito and Guayaquil, the two largest cities—the cost of housing is far below the U. Ecuador doesn’t tax Americans’ Social Security income, and property taxes tend to be low (in Cuenca, you might pay just to 0 for the year, Grimm says).And often, homeowners over 65 get discounts on their property taxes.

“The health care here is affordable and good” says 66-year old retiree Georgia de Machuca, who moved to Quito from Chicago about 20 years ago.Because of our small town habits we made a wrong decision to have a lengthy conversation on the street in front of our apartment in Cuenca, at night.We were having a relaxed conversation with our neighbor.That said, there plenty of appealing and affordable communities for those looking to retire. We all carry certain perceptions and habits that could influence the outcome of experiences we have in Cuenca, good or bad. The many things we like about Cuenca (…culture, architecture, climate, language, mix of modern and old infrastructure) could be the same things that other people don’t like.

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