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We're loving RImes' ode to the '90s with her choppy 'do, and Cibrian looks like he hasn't aged a day since that photo was taken.

A lot of people are patiently waiting for Rimes and Cibrian to crash and burn as a way for "karma" to punish them for cheating on their ex-spouses.

In an interview with , she said she hit "rock bottom" when news of their tryst swept the entertainment industry.

Two years after the film was released, they would leave their respective spouses in the dust and get married during a surprise ceremony at a California estate.

Thankfully, she didn't beat herself up too much about falling in love and the unconventional start to their romance.

She stated, "I'm gonna make mistakes as I move on in life, but that's who we are, and I'm fortunate that I've grown a lot and I'm proud of who I am now…it's a good place to be." is where they fell deeply in love, but the couple actually met years prior and neither of them can even recall the encounter.

) Rimes bragged about their intimate moments when she said to the host, "Have you seen him? Glanville noticed a little bit of flirting between Rimes and Cibrian, and she also noticed how "very touchy-feely" Rimes was being with her then-husband.

Although Glanville would later try to save her marriage, it was too little too late.

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