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They started designing T-shirts and selling them from Juice's second-floor walkup.Nike eventually commissioned Chen and a friend of his, the rapper MC Yan, to design a model of Air Max shoes.He debuted in 2000's "Gen-Y Cops," a farcical sequel to "Gen-X Cops." "I've filmed a lot of bad movies before," Chen chuckles. With growing confidence, he began to rethink his public image."I was thrust into Hong Kong and I didn't really know what was going on here. As his contract with EEG was ending, Chen approached the company and asked to produce his next album.Clot expanded into a complex for his new businesses, including shoe and clothing design, Juice's retail outlets, his record company, an event-planning concern and a marketing consultancy for multinationals trying to gain a toehold in the new China."Ten years ago I'd be wearing Phat Farm and Enyce, and people would say, 'They're so baggy!Just reading his daily blog, blog.honeyee.com/edison, with its high-speed, hip-hop-style mix of wit, braggadocio and commodity fetishism, can be exhausting.In just six years, Chen has made more than 20 films and 10 CDs. C., fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, comfortable on the streets of Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul and New York City, and eager to advance the new China's youth culture, he has become something of a poster boy for the post-handover generation. Three hours after leaving the message, a rested Chen muses on his North American debut.

When Chen returned to Hong Kong, he read Malcolm Gladwell's "The Tipping Point." Taken with the thought that he could help change the way an entire country thought of itself, he joined with friends Kevin Poon and Billy Ip to form Clot, potentially China's answer to elite Japanese brands like Visvim and A Bathing Ape.Clot resolves the problem by offering its target audience -- young, affluent, mostly Chinese consumers -- limited-edition goods that offer mystery and create loyalty."We try to create stuff for our people, meaning we make it for Chinese people, and the messages are for the Chinese community.But nowadays the same people that would say that are like, 'Yo, hook me up with those Clot Jeans.' " Chen thinks the rapid growth of Chinese youth street culture is similar to hip-hop's mid-'90s mainstream breakthrough in the United States."Just last week I went to Hangzhou, which is a small Chinese town, and 1,500 kids packed the club, wanted to come see what we were doing," he says.

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