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What good is it if the goddess returns and men refuse her presence?

What good is it if the goddess strives to blossom in both women and men, but men offer her no home?

Stop being afraid of yourself and be magnificently human. But know that the light inside you is enough to light up the whole sky—to light up your whole life—just as it is right now. When we spend time trying to be like someone or something else, we’re missing the point. What makes you so amazing isn’t that you are a goddess, it’s that you are human.

She is also an introvert—curled up on the couch with dog-eared paperbacks, and eight tabs open on her laptop and in pajamas all day, sometimes.

Where, and who, is the Sacred Masculine of our times?

Our smaller, daily lives are woven within the larger story.

The concept of a Sacred Masculine can be difficult.

Her consort was the Lord of the Forest, sometimes portrayed as the stag, a powerful and virile energy who served as steward of the land and its non-human denizens.

Together the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine embodied the union of opposites and the whole of creation—the creative masculine spark seeding the feminine womb of possibility.

Banished—vilified, even—from Europe’s Middle Ages onward, the Divine Feminine seems to have recently made a rather significant reappearance in the world.

In a timely swing away from notions of a patriarchal version of God the Father, women in particular are embracing the Goddess in many forms and along a wide array of avenues.

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