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The Apple i Os version of the app has a new feature called 'what if'.

I think this should be implented across their site as it gives users a more open use.

You basically login and you can search their whole member base by using filters like location, last active, age etc - its a great feature. You can claim your money back within 14 days of taking out your paid account simply by emailing them on [email protected] - this has to be done within 14 days, but I would allow a few extra days and it is quite straight forward to get back.

NOTE: If you purchased your membership via their app, then you do not contact Elite Singles, but you need to contact the store which you bought it from (Either Apple Store or Android) See this links to herp out Cancelling Membership Bought via Apple Store Cancelling Membership Bought via Android Store Elite Singles do not offer discount codes or voucher codes to their users.

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This might be the normal price to entice you in, so if you see the full price, then wait a couple of days and you should get it for at least £17.95 a month(£17.95 a month * 6 = £107.70)Elite Singles billing is in a one off payment only and you can use paypal too or purchase through the app.

The site uses both the answers to your questions and your preferences when adding matches to your account - so things like distance and smoking habits will play a roll as well as things from the personality traits above.*read more about the personality traits From what I have seen, Elite Singles tend to offer the best price when you first sign up, so if you see a deal, its probably best to grab it.

For a more detailed breakdown along with money saving tips and the best time to join see my ​Elite Singles cost page.

Once you pay you also have the option to send messages too and will be alerted when your messages are read, which is more of a reassuring feature, but then I guess you 100% know when you are being rejected.

The Elite Singles App is easy to use and a handy addition to the website.

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