Error validating database 121 sql error opening connection

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Would you also please be so kind as to give a short explanation on the parameters "waits" and "binds".

Thank you in advance and kind regards Peter Our app is using a connection pool into the d B.

These connections are stored in a pool in the middle tier, an "array" if you will.

Each connection is set to "not in use"When a user submits a web page to the application server, it runs a piece of your code, your code says "i need to get to the database", instead of connecting right there and then (that takes time), it just goes to this pool and says "give me a connection please".

10g has the ability to trace over "multiple connection pool connections" as a single logical session.

I have been trying to use the OCCI Connection Pool class for my multithreaded server application, aiming to eliminate the long time required for connection and disconnection. Belows is the code I used:void test Conn Pool(const string &rstr Usr, const string &rstr Pwd, const string &rstr Conn) August 13, 2004 - am UTC sorry -- i don't program C personally, and this is not an entire "program" and I don't know what options you used to compile with, nor what platform, nor what compiler, give me a complete -- yes concisely tiny -- full example, I might be able to have someone look at it if I don't see the issue right off myself.

October 12, 2005 - pm UTC the parsed queries are being reused (thats a softparse)however, you can make it a softer soft parse (not removing the parse) by using session_cached_cursors, 3.0 allows you to do statement caching as well Hi Tom,continuing the theme of connection pooling I had a question: By default, Java app developers tend to configure connection pools very simply.

One example is that no expiry is set on the connection so its possible that a connection, whether used or not, stays around for a long time (days/weeks/months).

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This is not always possible.3) Are there any approaches or tools out there that will enable the identification, and merge of the correct traces that may help? that long running process is a transaction, cannot imagine switching connections?In this fashion, using 20 connections to the database, you can avoid the connect/disconnect overhead and (more importantly perhaps) you can service a community of hundreds of users simultaneously using just 20 connections!(as opposed to client server where by hundreds of simultaneous users would take hundreds of connections!)On my site, I use mod_plsql, mod_plsql is reuseing these connections -- at most, I have between 10 and 15 connections out there (the connection pool shuts them down after a period of inactivity and allocates new connections as needed) As always , your thought process and explanation regarding any issues or problem is of tremedous help not only to me,but to many people like me who wants to know the rudimental meanings of each words in Oracle. Consider an application that uses connection pooling.When it does some long running processing it may switch server processes, that is, it may using different connections in the pool.

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