Errorprovider validating event

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Data input validation in Windows Forms is essential.

Built-in validation doesn't go much further than an enforcable maximum length for textboxes, but there are some nice methods you can use to make validation a breeze.

Text = "Error Provider Example" ' Create and set the Error Provider for each data entry control.

Set Icon Alignment(Text Box1, Error Icon Alignment. Set Icon Padding(Text Box1, 2) name Error Provider.

Event Args e) public bool Valid Email Address(string email Address, out string error Message) Public Sub New() My Base. Length = 0 Then error Message = "Email address is required." Return False End If ' Confirm that there is an "@" and a "." in the email address, and in the correct order. Cr _ "For example '[email protected]' " Return False End Function Private Sub text Box1_Validating(By Val sender As Object, _ By Val e As System. Text, error Msg) Then ' Cancel the event and select the text to be corrected by the user. Tab Index = 4 ' Favorite Color Combo Box Me.favorite Color Combo Box. Add Range(New Object() ) Me.favorite Color Combo Box. Tab Index = 5 ' Set up how the form should be displayed and add the controls to the form. Text = "Age (3-5)" ' Favorite Color Label Me.label3. Tab Index = 0 ' Age Numeric Up Down Up Down Picker.

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