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This custom arose in 1995 in order to contrast with the more usual custom of after-convention partying at a bar.Esperanto has had an influence on certain religious traditions (Oomoto, Bahá'í Faith, etc., see Esperanto and religion).In all but a handful of cases, it was the father who used Esperanto with the child.

Many people have commented that this is also a useful tool for actual immigrants, as Esperanto speakers are normally much friendlier and more willing to see the immigrant as a "human" compared to the normal natives of the country.

While some Esperantists subscribe to these beliefs, they are not necessarily common, and are certainly not required nor encouraged by any Esperanto groups.

Books that are translated to Esperanto are not usually internationally famous books, because everyone can already read those in another language that they know.

Most people have created or translated some sort of written work whether fiction or nonfiction, published or available to read online for free.

Penpals have been popular since Esperanto's earliest days, as Esperanto was originally advertised as a language where you could "send a letter with a message, short list of grammar rules and a dictionary to a complete stranger, and they'll be able to look up the words and write a coherent reply back".

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