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When I attempt to delete the row as follows: database. Hi, In the Row Validating event the row has not been added to the dataset yet. Is a new row actually in the dataset prior to it being validated?You should then be able to use the delete code you posted earlier.Poitasal Hi, In the Row Validating event the row has not been added to the dataset yet.Ok, the datagridview will already have thrown an error before the Row Validating event if the data doesn't match the column type in the datasource.What you can do is subscribe to the Data Error event (couldn't see it in the properties, so may need to be done in code.).To do this in Java, you need to replace the event's delegate type with a functional interface and replace the event declaration with a new field declaration using our generic 'Event' helper class.

As part of my validation process I need to catch Data Rows that do not satisfy the constraints imposed upon the Data Table they are being stored in.

// This class can be used by anyone provided that the copyright notice remains intact.

// // This class is used to convert C# events to Java.

Otra muestra la fecha de creación delregistro y esa tampoco quiero que se edite. Post by Joe Como puedo hacer para que el Data Grid View sea Read Only = False y Selection Mode = Cell Select de solamente ESA FILA que esta seleccionada.

Es decir, que mientras estoy editando, el usuario no pueda mover con lasflechas ni mouse por el resto del datagridview, sino que solo se puedamover por las celdas editables de ESA FILA que esta seleccionada. necesito tambien que solo algunas de las celdasde esa fila puedan ser editables y otras no. una celda muestra el ID de la tabla y esa no quiero que se edite.

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