Ex boyfriend dating girl he cheated with

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So yes, I am worried, about you and your ex and his wife and this entire volatile situation.I know you’ve quit Facebook and are no longer actively tracking — stalking — him. He’s just an asshole who didn’t break up with you before hooking up with his now wife, and then tried to spend time with you years later when he was still with her. Not from me, a far-away advice columnist, but from a professional.

I say this is untrue because what he did or does is not about you. It’s disrupting your daily existence and threatening to actually damage your life.I haven't been given a reason to believe that he'd do it again, especially given that I know that he'd actively regretted it the whole 10 years we were apart - and that he used it to better himself as a partner to his girlfriends that came after me.Right now we're married and have a kid.' "He cheated on me twice more. I, very obviously, couldn't trust him, and I became jealous of every single girl he even looked at, which isn't me at all. On the other hand, though, it showed me that, if this ever happens again, I can be strong enough to let go, and leave the situation. It sucks that it happened to me, but at least now, I have the experience, and I know how to handle it, should it ever happen again (and hopefully it won't)." "I did once to start afresh, but the ‘trust’ is so broken it’s never the same anymore; the feeling. We had two daughters before he admitted the truth to himself.They would always act super sorry and remorseful, but they always ended up cheating again.I also never felt like I could really trust them again, and obviously I was right to feel that way.

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