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We all rely on online communities to work, socialize, and learn.From the largest social media sites to the smallest message board, online platforms are central to our right to assemble and speak out.And it’s in that light that multitudes of organizations and people have taken proactive steps to usher victims to safety and apprehend their abusers.I run a small business that supports a vibrant online community of thousands of people.


This law combined a previous version of FOSTA with the Senate’s Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA).The integrity of CDA 230 is crucial to preserving community-driven resources like Wikipedia.Wikipedia is a part of everyday life for hundreds of millions of people, answering questions from the meaningful to the mundane.Shifting more liability to Internet platforms for their users’ speech will inevitably lead to those platforms more tightly monitoring and restricting users' activities.Again and again, when platforms clamp down on their users’ speech, marginalized voices are the first to disappear.

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