Female looking for male cam slave on skype

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There are many ways to make it humiliating and having him put a pillow or cushion on the ground and then hump it like a dog in heat is about as humiliating as it gets.

Especially if she laughs and cackles at him as he does so and then cheers sarcastically when he cums Check out here The ultimate form of humiliation and the go-to act for all mistresses.

The only thing worse for a straight slave than anal is being forced to perform blow jobs.

He doesn’t want a dick in his mouth which is what makes this such an effective humiliation.

As he sits on the pan he will be unable to think of anything other than the days he could stand, whip his dick out and piss standing up.

Fluffy and frilly, he will be deeply ashamed at having to wear girly, feminine underwear.

The self-consciousness he feels and the shame of having these knickers on in front of a woman will burn deep and make for a very humiliated slave No man wants to feel a thick, 8-inch object inserted up their ass so making a slave take a dildo or vibrator and fuck his slutty ass will be very embarrassing.

Making him bend over or get on all fours and slowly insert it, laughing at his groans as his asshole is filled.

Then give him orders to fuck himself harder and harder, faster and faster till he builds up a rhythm.

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