First impressions and dating

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The longer you wait to approach her, the less she will react on instinct and the more she will over think the whole thing.For instance, if you are at a bar, and you make eye contact with a woman, her interest will be aroused.This kind of movement sends the message that you are not comfortable in your own body. What you want to do is keep your body in control and have a relaxed demeanor about you.You should use gestures, but use them when appropriate.

It revs up the ‘love at first sight’ engine and creates a powerful attraction! People who are in love gaze into each other’s eyes. It creates an intense feeling of love and connection.

That may sound like something you don’t want to do if you are only trying to attract women, but believe me, the science behind it will help you attract women and make them want more, which is likely your goal with women.

The feeling of love at first sight (heart pounding and complete focus on him) makes a woman think ‘I want him,’ and that is the exact thing you want her to think about you!

Research shows that the seeds for love are often planted during a first impression, which I’m assuming has a lot to do with that love at first sight feeling.

You have probably experienced the power of the first impression.

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