Fluidvision accommodating iol power vision

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The Sapphire IOL (Elenza) is electronically controlled, remotely programmable, customisable and utilises nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and advanced electronics to auto-adjust focus in response to pupillary changes.Speed and amplitude of pupillary responses are used to differentiate between light and accommodation.

The IC-8 IOL (Acu Focus) is a single-piece hydrophobic monofocal IOL that works similar to Kamra corneal inlay and uses the pinhole principle to increase depth of focus to about 3D.Synchrony Vu has a central blended aspheric zone to extend depth of focus.Accommodative IOLs remain the holy grail of ophthalmic surgery.It has a non-diffractive 3.23mm diameter opaque PVDF mask with 1.36mm central aperture.Results show good distance, intermediate and near vision (especially when targeting -0.75 D myopia) and improvement of up to -1.5D of astigmatism.

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