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This film, which is the second sequel to Bring It On, has a tenuous link to its predecessors, featuring only a similar plot of competing cheerleading teams that have to try something different in order to win.

There are no recurring cast members or canonical references to the preceding films.

Both of the rivaling teams show their performances.

At the auditions, the two finalists are Pacific Vista and Crenshaw Heights.

Winnie protests, dismissing CH's style as "ghetto," to which Rihanna responds that she judges a squad by their skills and not by where they come from.

Rihanna ultimately selects Crenshaw Heights as the winners, and the Pacific Vista squad (with Britney's friend Amber as their new captain) comes forward to congratulate them.

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She also meets Jesse, a male cheerleader and the only person who is nice to her on her first day.After the Warrior's performance ends, Winnie approaches Rihanna and insists that Crenshaw Heights should be disqualified ("or arrested") for interrupting PV's routine.This leads to an argument between Winnie and the rest of the Pacific Vista squad, during which Britney notes, "Spirit Law states that if there's a cheer mutiny, a squad can vote to replace their captain." Everyone present, even Rihanna and the other performing squads, vote to replace Winnie as the Pacific Vista High cheerleading captain.Camille, impressed by this, lets Britney cheer with them again.Jesse, however, is still mad at her for not telling him that she had a boyfriend before they had kissed.

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