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During the Kurukshetra war, Bhishma recognised him as Amba reborn and refused to fight 'a woman'.

Accordingly, Arjuna hid behind Shikhandi in order to defeat the almost invincible Bhishma.

Shikhandini fled, but met a yaksha who exchanged his sex with her.

The festival ends with a ritual burial of Aravan, while the Hirjas mourn in Tamil style: by beating their chests in ritual dances, breaking their bangles and changing into white mourning clothes.

In the Bhagavata Purana, Vishnu takes the form of the enchantress, Mohini, in order to trick the demons into giving up Amrita, the elixir of life.

Shiva later becomes attracted to Mohini and spills his semen on the rocks which turn into gold.

Pattanaik writes that rather than Mohini becoming pregnant, Ayyappa sprang from Shiva's semen, which he ejaculated upon embracing Mohini.

In another version, the Pandyan king Rajasekhara of Pantalam adopts the baby.

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