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These educators use established behavior theory and communication science to answer questions.They make sure users have a plan of action before they finish up.Then we connect the user’s need to a relevant health care service at a Planned Parenthood health center (bringing in the third component—accessibility).After this, we move into the public health component.We bring up STD testing and birth control options tailored to the population segment we’re talking with.Finally, we move into the intention-setting component.

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We also found differences in willingness to use these highly effective methods when comparing the Chat/Text arm to the community sample.With countless studies informing this protocol here and W. Mc Guire’s chapter on “Attitudes and Attitude Change” in the third edition of Lindzey & Aronson’s ), we felt strongly that our intervention was changing behavior. Working with research partners from New York University, we conducted a randomized controlled trial (RCT)—the “gold standard” for evaluation studies—to examine the effects of the intervention.We measured effects immediately after chatting, as well as 10, 30 and 90 days later. Group #1, the survey-only group, essentially established a comparative community sample of people willing to participate in online research for Planned Parenthood.This too was statistically significant when compared to the control, with a 16% difference.Finally, we looked at differences in contraceptive use.

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