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Whether that legend was told around a campfire, whispered between friends from village to village with a warning, written in books or acted out in movies or TV shows the interest has been kept alive for centuries.The spin on the legends have ranged from inspiring the gravest fears to invoking deepest desires of dark romanticism.Whatever base emotion is cultivated the human draw to these immortal creatures is intense.For as long as the myths of vampires have been around the legend of those Hunting their legions have accompanied them.Before you start, feel free to prepare yourself by reading our hands on guide on conversation topics when you meet strangers.The guide works well both in real life and in our chat rooms.

However, moves go on a cooldown afterward so it takes skill to beat the game.They race through the night attempting to be a step ahead of the menacing blood drinkers to thwart their designs of the kill on their next victim of human prey.As Vampire lore has evolved through the generations so have the other species associated with them.We aim to provide the most exciting public chat rooms and the most interesting private face to face chat rooms. These are awesome because it makes playing way more interactive.

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