Freida pinto dating dev

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Dev and Frieda recently hit the news when they broke up in 2014 both the recently again got the news when she finally revealed the reason for their split.Freida Selena Pinto aka Frieda Pinto is an Indian actress and is has done remarkable jobs on the screen so what's her life going off the screen.We all hoped that this ex-couple could end up like the movie Slumdog Millionaire but the story went in another way.After dating for six years sadly this duo called off their relationship back in 2014.

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In Jul 2017, this actor was seen being cozy with the co-star of his upcoming movie 'Hotel Mumbai'.

Slumdog Millionaire stars Dev Patel and Freida Pinto in Central London, source: So after three years of break up what is this Indian beauty up to?

Well, you will be surprised to know Pinto is linked to no one in these days.

IDesert Dancer star might be dating but haven't made it official.

It's hard to come up from the breakup and we hope this Indian finds new love in near future.

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