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Rather than focusing profiles on a woman's looks, the app was a place where genuine conversations could flourish.

In a follow up phone conversation, Lee described Siren as the "vanguard" of feminist dating apps that actually give "women a sense of agency and respect—a radical thing in the dating world." Lee thinks of Siren as a collaborative sculpture.

One of our goals was to change the course of this industry—an industry historically run by men, rampant with harassment, objectification, and immaturity at every level.

And as newer, better funded companies like Bumble and Hinge market themselves as relationship-friendly alternatives to Tinder, we can see how our early and persistent efforts to humanize the online dating space have influenced the conversation, and we hope this industry continues to grow in that direction." Siren was unique in a world with countless dating and hookup apps.

She recalled her experience to the Senate Judiciary Committee and said she remembers Kavanaugh and one of his friends laughing at her expense."The uproarious laughter between the two, and their having fun at my expense.

Before the hearing, at least two other women have come forward and alleged sexual misconduct against the Supreme Court nominee."The efforts of two co-founders alone were not enough to compete with the well-funded companies in this space," Lee wrote in an e-mail."Unfortunately, this comes at a time when Siren showed strong traction—relocation and expansion to New York, the formation of key partnerships, and user success stories that let us know we were onto something special." She continued: "We are enormously proud of Siren’s accomplishments and impact.Katz, left, answers questions at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday, September 27, on Capitol Hill.The dating app Bumble released a full page advertisement in The New York Times on Friday supporting victims of sexual assault, just one day after Ford testified against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

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