Frustrated with dating sites

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I know it better to be with yourself then with the wrong person but I just don't know how to continue to thrive when my heart feels so heavy.

I guess I am hoping others out there feel the same way, I know there won't be a magic fix but I just don't know what else to do to shake this craving of companionship. I've found that with age, its become a tad more difficult to engage with random people, because theres an assumption that with age, comes experience. From what I can tell after all these years dating, you just have to keep your chin up, stay productive and busy, spend time with friends and family, try new hobbies if possible, and keep meeting new people in the hopes that you will finally meet someone that isn’t perfect, but fits your needs.

I’m almost always going to live shows and concerts on the weekends or bar hopping with some friends. Not everyone has to reach perfection single to find a partner.

I've gone on a couple of dates recently but they seemed forced and when I tell my friends I'm not interested they think something is wrong with me but damn I just wasn't feeling them. But until then I'll continue to try and better myself. Just having lots of interests and being social don't make you a good date. If you only go after tools or some gym head then you setting yourself up for failure.

So before anyone wants to moan and complain if you wa t to get past this dumbassery you need some real shit.

Have you tried meeting guys that aren't on dating apps?

as a dude I had similar issues with dating women on apps but had a lot more success just talking to women irl through social groups, meetup events/groups, etc.

My current gf I originally met at a meetup event where we went river tubing together, then we just started hanging out more and I guess it sorta organically came from that.

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