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Casual sex might appeal to man but not to woman because a man’s brain is able to separate sex from love. In between laps, we chatted and he taught me the proper way to swim.

We ended up cuddling, talked, watch some more videos while he ever so gentle caressed me. I don’t know when we’ll be seeing each other again. All i’m going to do is, no matter how much i wanted to spend time with him, I’ll just keep my distance.

There’s a guy i met when i was out partying with girlfriends (why i always meet guys at party/clubs is totally beyond me).

But for a guy, they can have sex with a woman, even if he doesn’t like her at all. While guys can quickly forget a hook-up, woman tend not to. To boost my self-esteem, to test my “market value”, to know how desirable i am. I was trying really hard not to text him in that few days. Subconsciously, he’s telling me sometimes he wished he’s as good looking and successful as Alan.

Most woman report feeling guilty, lack of satisfaction and reduced self-esteem. I’ve had a few of this so-called friends with benefit and it’s not something to be proud of. There is a feeling of pride when you know someone desired and wanted you. I have a feeling that he did not know i had a fling with Alan.

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