Gabrielle christian mandy musgrave dating

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The relationship only lasted two episodes, ending after Carmen got violent, first trashing an art studio and then, after finding out about Spencer’s ex-girlfriend Ashley, getting violent towards Spencer, calling her names and pushing her into a wall.

Carmen then moved to San Diego in the following episode.

In a web extra, ‘Five Years Later’ an adult Spencer and Ashley appeared as a married couple, and were expecting a child together, with Ashley carrying the baby created from Spencer’s eggs and fathered by Aiden (Ashley’s ex-boyfriend).

[1] A relationship story arc is defined as explicit, developed on screen, and lasting more than 3 episodes.

Parents need to know that this edgy teen drama series openly discusses a range of complex topics, including sex, sexual orientation, adoption, loss of virginity, dating, and cyberbullying.

In the final episode, Spencer had to make a choice to go to a college away from Ashley, but ended up picking UCLA and she and Ashley moved into a loft together.She forbade Spencer to see Ashley and later hired an ex-gay therapist to convert her.This prompted Spencer to run away with Ashley, but she eventually came back after her dad had a talk with her mother, who slowly started to become more accepting of Spencer’s sexuality.The Second film yet to be released is the Musical prequel to the Girltrash!web-series titled Girltrash: All Night Long where she once again portrays Colby Robson.

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