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She has been dating this half retarded guy for about 7-8 months. She was rushed to the emergency room and the cause was that she was pregnant. Do you think there parents are going to let them have a baby, they are both pretty damn ugly and ugliness and being a retard doesnt really mix well.

So now there is a half retarded girl pregnant with a half retarded guys baby. So heres the question, what would you do if your half retarded daughter was pregnant? (even if the child was perfectly healthy)but the pregnancy emancipates the girl, leaving it up to her....

It was alleged on February 5, 2007 that his girlfriend Lori, with whom he had been living since recently winning ,333.33 in Stern's annual football pool, had kicked him out of her house, claiming not only that he falsely accused her and her daughter of having an incestuous relationship, but that he threatened to overdose in her home.

Bigfoot claims to have ingested “14 trays, it is” of pills due to distress over the breakup, adding that he would find happiness even if it meant "he had to move to f’” After a telephone spat with Lori on the February 6, 2007, show, Bigfoot admitted that life was much simpler when he blew guys instead of dating girls.

Double ADouble A's name is derived from one of his favorite wrestlers s including one of Stern's face and another of the Howard 100 "fist" logo.

His phone calls to the show invariably begin with the phrase "Hey Howard, how's it goin', what's goin' on? In 2006, he "revealed" that, at the young age of 12, he had sexual intercourse with a friend's mother.

Since the move to Sirius Alice has had a tremendously disdainful relationship with Artie which came to a head on June 15th, 2006, when the two engaged in an on-air feud which lasted for approximately twenty-five minutes, and was spurned during a quasi-apology that she tried to deliver to show announcer, -themed Crazy-Alice-rant-impersonation, which quickly spiraled into a lengthy squabble dubbed by meticulous show archiver, Mark Mercer, "Crazy Alice vs. On April 10, 2008, Artie abruptly departed the show after an angry physical altercation with his assistant, Teddy, saying "Howard, I resign! During the following week, which was a vacation for the staff featuring specials opposed to new programming, Alice left an emotional voicemail for , throughout which she (somewhat uncharacteristically) was crying, saying to make sure "that Artie knows Alice loves him." Artie returned with the rest of the cast once the vacation ended and regular programming resumed where the voicemail was played again on the air.One half will say "She's a human and it is her choice whethere to have the baby or not"and the other will say "She is mentally handicaped, and will not be able to perform the duties of a parent under her curcumstance"if this story is real, do you have a link?s or outcasts from mainstream society, with difficulty finding jobs or mates.", "This is better than rejuvenation", "I'm getting myself hot!", "I'm wearing a negligee", "I'm massasging my breasts", "Black girls, Black girls" and "Hurry up sonny, I've got a hot shit in the chamber!

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